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Right Size Your Digital Marketing Team

What Do You Get When You Use Leverage Marketing as Your Satellite Marketing Team?

Think of Leverage Marketing as your satellite marketing team. We work as an extension of your existing team or as your whole department at a lower cost than hiring for the same position(s) in-house.

Search Engine Optimization Team
Expand your online visibility by having an SEO team dedicated to growing your website's organic traffic. Start getting discovered in search engine results, shield your site from search algorithm updates, and receive a streamlined conversion process.
Pay Per Click Team
Reach the right audiance with your ads by aquiring a PPC team focused on increasing your website's paid traffic. Get custom strategies built for lead generation and ecommerce revenue, higher quality scores, lower costs, and stay in the loop with full-circle reporting.
Web Design Team
Expect more from your online presence with a web design team that builds sites strategically designed to increase search engine rankings, be easy and intuitive to use, exhibit a unique brand story, and lead to more lead generations and online revenue.
Content Marketing Team
Keep your site updated with developed content from a content marketing team writing to increase organic traffic, build brand awareness, engage your target audience, instill thought leadership, and create multiple paths to conversions.
Social Media Team
Include a social strategy with a social media team that engages your audience, shows your brand personality, increases your online and local presence, expands the reach of your original content, and generates more leads through your referral traffic.
Email Marketing Team
Send emails that convert with an email marketing team producing email campaigns that reach target customers at the right time, resonate with customer interests and needs, drive traffic to your site, and strengthen existing relationships.
Hand-Pick Your New Satellite Marketing Team:

Maximize Your Marketing Potential by Hiring the Right Sized Team for Your Business

When you hire a satellite team from Leverage, you will find that there is always a custom strategy behind everything we do. We don’t take a one-size-fits all approach to any of our clients or with any of our services. We assess business goals, review analytics history, research your industry, and spy on your competition’s online marketing activities before we move forward with a plan, whether it’s just one service or all of our marketing services combined.
Our team has access to cutting-edge digital marketing technologies to help you gain a competitive advantage. Your business will benefit from bid management software, landing page optimization, SEO research tools, and all the design software you could ever dream of. We also utilize PR technologies, marketing automation tools, reputation management platforms and more. Let us absorb your marketing technology costs, saving you the minimum spend it takes to have access to these platforms while you reap the benefits.
Our team is skilled in every facet of digital marketing, including SEO, copywriting, email automation, social media strategy, and PPC advertising. We've worked for diverse clients in a wide range of industries, from B2B technology to hospitality to healthcare. Assembling this amount of talent and expertise for your own in-house department would not only take a huge amount of time and effort, it would also come with a very steep price tag. Avoid high overhead while still working with a team that has decades of collective experience.
Individual Marketing Teams
Maybe you've decided to focus your initial budget on designing a new website, expanding your online visibility with SEO, running PPC ads, or bringing in a social media specialist to promote your existing brand.
Full Service Marketing Department
Maybe your business has grown past the support of only an SEO or PPC team, but instead requires a full service marketing department to collectively run your online marketing campaigns. 

Individually We're a Force to be Reckoned With

Combined We're a Marketing Powerhouse

Let's Work Together

We understand that your business may evolve and grow quickly. That's why we make it easy for you to hire a full satellite marketing department or add individual teams as your company scales.

Let us know which option works best for you:

Whatever your business needs,

Leverage Marketing has you covered!

Leverage Marketing is a team of seasoned digital marketers who will partner with you to meet your online marketing goals.

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